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May 21

Our Favorite Books

3rd Graders in Ms. Moore’s 2012-2013 class in Oklahoma City Public Schools created this eBook to share some of their favorite books. This is an enhanced eBook, but is also available in a PDF version, printed version on Lulu.com, and a screencast on YouTube. Author / Illustrator: Mrs. Moore’s 3rd Graders Download link to the …

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Mar 09

Dreams of Opera

A young girl dreams of becoming an opera star, but finds her aspirations crushed by the realities of tribal initiation rites on a South Pacific island. (This creative eBook was made as an experiment by teachers in Marshall, Minnesota, on March 9, 2012, using Alan Levine’s “Five Card Flickr Story” website.) Author / Illustrator: Educators …

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Mar 03

Great Day of Learning

College professors and instructors attending the Enhancing Teaching & Learning Conference hosted by the Kansas City Professional Development Council on March 3, 2012, created this eBook to document some of the things they learned during the keynote and breakout sessions. Author / Illustrator: Kansas City College Professors / Instructors Direct download link to the eBook: …

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Feb 28

Technology Today

On February 28, 2012, in Yukon Public Schools, our Common Core Coaching (CCC) teachers created an eBook about ways we have been using technology in our lives. This is an enhanced eBook, including photos of artwork the teachers drew and audio recordings about each picture. We created this nine part eBook in 25 minutes at …

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Jan 29

Snowflake Gets Lost

Snowflake is an Alaskan dog who gets separated from his owner, Lesley, and becomes lost in the wilderness. Lesley does everything she can to find Snowflake and bring him back home. (2nd graders Rachel and Madison wrote and illustrated this book during their writing workshop time in fall 2011 / early spring 2012 in Oklahoma …

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